Bust Some Bodybuilding Myths

One of the best television shows of all time, in my humble opinion anyways is a show on the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel called Mythbusters. For those who have never seen the show, the show’s hosts would tackle a variety of myths to prove which myths are confirmed, plausible and busted. In this piece you are reading right here, we will be taking a look at five bodybuilding myths and see if they are true or false. So, without any further interruption, let’s take a look at our first myth and it has to do with pushing your training to the limit.

Myth #1: Train Until You Cannot Train No More

The first myth we are looking at here suggest that people should push themselves in training until they are physically incapable of training no more. Studies done in the country of Australia have proved that this can be an effective way to train, but it does come with a catch. That catch is that if you are attempting to stimulate muscle growth, then this myth is confirmed, but it is busted for any other reason you could be training.

Result: Myth is Plausible

Myth #2: Say No To Sugar

The majority of people you talk to about training and the majority of books you can read about training will tell you to avoid sugar at all costs, which is the myth we are now looking at. You should want to consume some sugar, but only after a workout is complete because having sugar after a workout with help the muscles refuel and refuel as quickly as they possibly can. So this is another myth that is all based on timing because you will want to avoid sugar prior to a workout, but you will want to consume sugar after a workout.

Result: Myth is Busted

Myth #3: Weight Training Before Cardio

The myth for this one here suggest that people who are doing weight training and cardio on the same day should do the weight training first, before cardio. Luckily for us, the myth is actually true, but not necessarily due to the fact that doing one before the other is actually better to you. This can be said because a research team from the country of Japan did a study on this and the results showed that there was no difference as to which training method you actually go through with first.

Result: Myth is Plausible

Myth #4: No Training If You Are Already Sore

This myth suggest that is you are still feeling muscle pain or any pain for that matter within a day of your last workout, you should not workout again until the pain goes away. This one is actually false because the muscle pain you are feeling is actually a good sign because they are in both a recovery and growth process. However, if you are feeling serious pain where you may need medical attention, avoid hitting the gym and seek out a medical professional right away.

Result: Myth is Busted

Myth #5: No Training Before Stretching

The majority of people who hit the gym for a workout will usually go through a stretching routine before starting their workout, but is it necessary? This one has an interesting result because many studies have shown that stretching before a workout has no affect at all on your risk of getting an injury while working out. While you can still go through a stretching routine before working out, if will not help you avoid injuries of any kind at any time during your workout.

Result: Myth is Confirmed