A Brief Intro To Superdrol

An anabolic steroid, Superdrol is known for providing quick muscle gains and strength. Methasterone, which is commonly known as Superdrol among bodybuilders, is an anabolic steroid once promoted as a prohormone. Despite the steroid’s unbelievable potential, it was sold over-the-counter in the States for some time. Let’s learn a few more things about the steroid that’s not popular among people outside the training and bodybuilding circle.

Recent Entrant

best Superdrol steroid 2017To the world of anabolic steroids and hormones, the Superdrol brand name is quite fresh. Methasterone was launched in the commercial market as Superdrol. This means any GNC store in America could have the steroid for sale. The product was a huge success upon release, as it was one among the very few options to juice and bulk up legally.

Short-Lived OTC Status

During the year of its release, Superdrol was under immense heat for its widespread availability. The legal access and usage of this drug was threatened further when Don Catlin, a renowned anti-doping scientist, compared the effects of the drug with Masteron – an illegal steroid. This resulted in the FDA putting out a statement against Superdrol’s legal status. And in 2006, barely a year after the drug was legally available, Superdrol was banned from the consumer market.

Superdrol Cloning

Superdrol was a success during its short-lived commercial stint. And when the steroid was banned, some manufacturers, with the hopes of aping Superdrol success or luring in people who buy Superdrol, started making replicas of the steroid. In other words, several generic Superdrol for sale versions started floating in the market. Beastdrol was quite a popular Superdrol clone. Other clones that enjoyed good amount of sales include Monsterdol, M-Drol, and Maxdrol.

Highly Anabolic, Less Androgenic

To bodybuilders, a steroid or drug’s legal status doesn’t influence their decisions to buy the particular product. Therefore, even after Superdrol was stripped off its legal status, bodybuilders’ love for the steroid didn’t go down any bit. The thing that’s most loved about teh drug is its ability to stay more anabolic without offering serious androgenic side effects in the form of acne, body hair and hair loss. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t androgenic traits to the drug – it’s just not as noticeable. According to a 1969 report, if Superdrol was 20 percent androgenic, then it was 400 percent anabolic.

Lean Muscle Gain

A Superdrol cycle is much shorter compared to other drug cycles. Typically, the cycle should last three to five weeks, given its liver toxicity levels. However, average Superdrol results are quite impressive – in fact, some users have reportedly gained lean muscle worth 8 to 10 pounds in a month. The benefit to this process is that Methasterone doesn’t cause water retention issues – this means the gains stay intact for quite long. Getting added to the mix is the unbelievable increase in strength, clearly proving why the drug is so popular among its users.

Fast Action

The results of Superdrol can be noticed within weeks – in fact, most people experience the benefits in the second week itself. Thanks to the drug’s fast-acting trait, it is used as a precursor to stacking long-ester injectables such as trenbolone enanthate, testosterone enanthate/cypionate, boldenone undecylenate, etc. It’s common for users to add close to 10 pounds of lean muscle during their initial 4-6 weeks. This is followed by further gains once the long-ester steroids kick in.

Dianabol Comparison

Dianabol and Methasterone are among the two popular oral steroids in use. Therefore, fans of both the steroids have always been involved in an ongoing battle wanting to know which one is the superior drug. Honestly, both steroids have their positives and negatives. There isn’t one clear winner because the results depend on the specific user and his requirements.